The Newest Trends in Wedding Cakes

It’s true that a lot of brides are very particular with their wedding cakes. They want it to be as decorative as it can possibly be. Ornate wedding cakes are definitely more fun to look at, serve around, and devour. That’s the reason why more and newer trends in wedding cakes are coming out these days. Below are some designs that are usually seen in today’s wedding cakes.

1. Bridal Gown Wedding Cake

Many cake makers get inspiration from the bride’s wedding gown and translate it on the cake. Brides love it because after all, it’s the wedding gowns that take the bulk of the wedding budget. Bridal gown wedding cakes can get so intricate that it may include details such as the pearls, flowers, fabric, and jewelry embedded in the outfit of the bride. Some high-end cake makers are actually working with dress designers to create couture cakes inspired by the designers’ collections.

2. Strong and Bold Color Pattern Wedding Cake

If you want your wedding cake to stand out, then you have to swerve from the traditional white toward the choices with stronger colors and bolder patterns. A good choice is polka dots if you’re that adventurous. Otherwise, you may want to just choose the motif of the wedding or match it with the color of the bridesmaid dresses.

3. Ice Cream Wedding Cake

Whoever thought that ice creams and cakes can be combined is a genius. Now, this combination is seen on wedding cakes as well. Ice cream cakes are actually perfect for summer weddings, as they’re quite refreshing. However, you have to take special care of your ice cream wedding cake because it’s prone to melting.

4. Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes are finding their way to wedding cakes as well. If you want to make your wedding cake high enough to reach the ceiling but not pay so much for it, wedding cupcakes are the solution. Wedding cupcakes are not only beautiful to look at. They’re also easy to serve to everyone and just as delicious as fondant cakes.

5. Black and White Wedding Cakes

White wedding cakes are traditional kinds. But if you add black to it, then it becomes even more exciting. Black and white wedding cakes are considered to be quite stylish. Sometimes, brides change black to another color for uniqueness, and their color choices include the bright red, orange, and pink.

6. Decadent Wedding Cakes

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Surely, you can make your wedding cake chocolate flavored. As a matter of fact, other brides would combine it with fudge, toffee, and coffee flavors. These flavors do make wedding cakes even more exciting.

7. Metallic Wedding Cakes

The metallic theme is creeping its way to wedding cakes and the results are fantastic. Cake designers use metallic shades for the icing, ribbons, and all the other decorations on the wedding cake. It’s even quite common to see gold and silver in wedding cakes.

Here are some great ideas for you in case you need wedding cakes in Brisbane. Choose one from these newest wedding cake trends and your wedding party is definitely going to be the talk of the town for weeks.